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DESTIG magazine:
Tim Wilson awarded first place for Best Painting 2019 and won second place for Best Artist of 2019 world wide.
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NZ + International Events

Tim with Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy Jnr. (2017)

Tim with Chuck Close, New York.

Tim’s “Hudson River” alongside works by Chuck Close and Jeff Koons (Crayfish by Jeff Koons).

Tim with Jeff Koons, Robert Kennedy Jnr and Cheryl Hines.

Tim with Marc Yaggi, Waterkeeper Alliance Executive Director.

Waterkeeper Alliance NY Show 2012: Cindy Sowash Lefferts, Tim Wilson, Midori Miyazaki (ISPS Executive Director)

Waterkeepers Alliance NY Show 2012: Tim Wilson and Patrick Furrer

Tim with John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

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Tim WIlson is interviewed by John Campbell of TV3, one of New Zealand's top journalists

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Jeff Koons hosted "Art for Water", an auction benefiting Waterkeeper Alliance on Monday, March 5th, 2012 at the Matthew Marks Gallery in New York. Tim's painting "Autumn on the Hudson - an impression" was auctioned by Courtney Booth (Assistant Vice President, Sotheby's) and sold above expectation.
Tim was the guest exhibitor at the Nut Point Gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand in early 2010. In the video above the Minister of Conservation, Kate Wilkinson, explains how Tim's paintings capture the unique beauty and spirit of New Zealand's landscape.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (President of Waterkeeper Alliance) introduces the Art for Water auction and Tim's painting "Autumn on the Hudson - an impression". Also an interview with Tim. (5 min 26 sec)
Tim Wilson working on a painting, turning an empty canvas into a finished work. (2 min 56 sec)

Articles and links

Dish magazine - "Artist of the Month: Tim Wilson's ethereal landscapes"
As a 16-year-old on a school bus trip, Tim Wilson was profoundly moved seeing the isthmus between Lakes Hāwea and Wānaka. He longed to convey to his classmates the feeling the landscape stirred in him; he wanted them to experience what he was seeing, in the way he was seeing it. And he did. Not right there and then, but over a long and brilliant career as an artist.
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The fine art of buying art - NZ Listener Article
"Starting to build an art collection can be a daunting task. Eleanor Ainge Roy talks to experts to find out their secrets..."
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This NZ Life article
"Queenstown painter Tim Wilson celebrates beauty, light and spirituality in his renowned oil landscapes"
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NBR article mentions Tim Wilson
The National Business Review mentions the increase in value of Tim Wilson's work in this 2009 article
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NZ Listener Magazine Article
"It’s not a name we all know, but Tim Wilson is one of New Zealand’s most successful landscape artists. His emotive works draw on memory and connections..." - (10 December 2015)
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New Zealand Herald article
"Sheikh pays NZ living artist record price for Tim Wilson painting" - (23 March 2016)
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Tim Wilson artist website
For specific information about Tim and his work.


Tim exhibited at Gibsone Jessop Gallery in Toronto in October 2008. Over the course of a weekend, Tim attended an Artist's Dinner and presented two lectures. He performed a live painting demonstration and was available to answer questions from those attending. A selection of photos from these three events is below...
THE best landscape gallery IN New Zealand. by lake wakatipu, Queenstown.